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Code of Ordinances PDF Print
Pitcairn Borough Code of Ordinances:


Adopted by Ord. 978, 5/31/2011


PDF Introduction 
PDF  Index
PDF  Chapter 1 Administration and Government
PDF Chapter 2 Animals
PDF  Chapter 3 Reserved
PDF Chapter 4 Buildings
PDF Chapter 5 Code Enforcement
PDF Chapter 6 Conduct
PDF Chapter 7 Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
PDF Chapter 8 Floodplains
PDF Chapter 9 Grading and Excavating
PDF Chapter 10 Health and Safety
PDF Chapter 11 Housing
PDF Chapter 12 Reserved
PDF Chapter 13 Licenses Permits and General Business Regulations
PDF Chapter 14 Reserved
PDF Chapter 15 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
PDF Chapter 16 Parks and Recreation
PDF Chapter 17 Reserved
PDF Chapter 18 Sewers and Sewage Disposal
PDF Chapter 19 Signs and Billboards
PDF Chapter 20 Solid Waste
PDF Chapter 21 Streets and Sidewalks
PDF Chapter 22 Electric Power Service
PDF Chapter 23 Reserved
PDF Chapter 24 Taxation Special
PDF Chapter 25 Trees
PDF Chapter 26 Water
PDF Chapter 27 Zoning
PDF Ordinance Key
PDF Resolution Key
PDF Appendix
PDF Disclaimer
 PDF Appendix
 PDF ord 986 high street one way
 PDF ord 981 rental real estate tax distraints
 PDF ord 982 Act 90 Anti-Blight
 PDF ord 983 Act 51 repeal Act 600
 PDF ord 987 fire inspection rental units
 PDF ord 988 landlord registration
 PDF ord 990 amending elec payment procedures
 PDF ord 993 joint UCC board of appeals
 PDF ord 994 AIM loan borrowing Dirty Camp
 PDF ord 996 amending waste collection contract
 PDF ord 1000 hazardous spills and dumping
 PDF ord 1001 regulating electric fees
 PDF ord 1002 Public Safety Fee
 PDF ord 1003 flood plain ord
 PDF ord 1005 non uniform pension vesting
 PDF ord 1008 regulating temporary signs
 PDF ord 1009 adopting 2015 Fire Code
 PDF ord 1010 street opening
 PDF ord 1013 house numbers on alley face
 PDF ord 1014 adopting 2015 IPMC
 PDF ord 1015 prohibiting vehicle overhauls on private property
 PDF ord 1016 clarifying Act 90 muni services
 PDF Ord 1017 Land Bank
 PDF Ord 1018 Code Officer as Residential Inspector
 PDF Ord 1022 Regulating Seismic Testing
 PDF  Ord 1023 Quality of Life

  Ord 1024 Amending Zoning Ordinance to Include

 Industrialized and Manufactured Homes