Pitcairn Borough Abitibi Paper Retriever


Pitcairn Abitibi Paper Retriever!

Catalogs, Catalogs, Catalogs

Of all the things we get at the holidays, catalogs lead the list!

Recycle this heavyweight, quality paper in your nearest Paper Retriever Bin.  Paper Retriever bins are available for use 24/7. 

With all the holiday errands, visitors and entertaining, keep your home in order by staying on top of your recycling habits.  Bring us your paper anytime - we're happy to take it!  But please remember, although the wrapping paper is beautiful, we can't recycle it because of the ink content and the metallic accents that are found in some of these papers.  Store it and use it next year!

Support Pitcairn Borough fundraising efforts with Paper Retriever.


Paper Retriever “All Or Not” List


Knowing what should and shouldn’t be put in the Paper Retriever bin will help your organization realize the full potential of the program. Make sure all participants are familiar with these rules:


We want ALL your:    Please do NOT include: 

• Newspaper 


• Plastic 

• Magazines 


• Glass 

• Office and School Papers 


• Metals 

• Shopping Catalogs 


• Trash 

• Mail 


• Envelopes 


• Folders 


• Fax and Copy Paper 


• Colored Paper 




There is a paper retriever receptacle in the parking lot near the Little League fields off Broadway, a cardboard recycling receptacle at Fire Company #1, 100 South Center Avenue. There are two aluminum can recycling receptacles: one at Fire Company #1 and one behind the Borough Building at 582 Sixth Street. Please deposit only clean, loose aluminum cans, not in plastic bags.