Pitcairn Directory
Pitcairn Borough Quick Reference Guide

 Pitcairn Elected Officials:  Pitcairn Borough Council
 Pitcairn Borough Manager:  Annette Dietz
 Police Department:  Emergency Dial 412.856.1111
 Fire Department: Station 229    Emergency 911 
 Fire Department: Station 230  Emergency 911 
 School District:  Gateway School District 
 Tax Collector:  Sally DiRobbio
 Wage Tax Collector:  EIT Collector: Keystone Collections Group - 724.978.0300
 Mercantile Tax and LST Tax Collector:
   Monroeville Municipality 412.856.3347
 Borough Engineer  EADS - 412.754.0801 
 Magistrate:  Jeffery Herbst - 412.372.1125 
 Electric Service:  Pitcairn Power 
 Sanitary Authority:   Alcosan Sewage - 412.766.4810
 Water Authority:  Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water - 412.243.6200 
 Gas Company:  Equitable to Peoples Gas 1.800.764.0111
 Telephone Service:  Verizon Telephone - 800.660.2215 
 Trash:  Waste Management 
 Animal Control:  Monroeville Animal Control - 412.856.3355


Monthly bills include electric usage and garbage fees.  Bills are sent out approximately the 15th of each month, and are due the fifth of each month.  There is a drop off box on the front door of the Borough building for payments after office hours.


Trash Days: Trash may be put out after 6 p.m on the day before collection.