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Welcome to Pitcairn Borough!
The Borough of Pitcairn Council and Mayor welcome you to our official website.  Incorporated in 1894, historic Pitcairn is nestled in the greenery of the Turtle Creek watershed of Allegheny County. Home to 3,200 residents, strong community organizations and a nationally recognized Police Department, we are part of the award winning Gateway School District with easy access to the city of Pittsburgh. We support a healthy lifestyle with multiple athletic fields, parks and sidewalks for walking. Offering a variety of affordable, attractive homes, yearly activities for families and small business opportunities, we invite you to call Pitcairn home.






Pitcairn Borough utilizes the Pitcairn Borough Police Facebook page for emergency alerts. If you are an electric customer with the Borough, we encourage you to check Facebook for alerts and announcements in the event of an outage.



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Verizon customers can now access Pitcairn Borough’s Community Channel 28.


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Pitcairn Borough provides home collection of Special Materials. Residents must call or email Waste Management to arrange pick up. Please (Click Here) for full details.

Waste Management

To view a video about our e-Waste and Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program - (Click Here)



 For information regarding ALCOSAN’s new sewage treatment bills Assistance Fund (Click Here)



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 Interested in buying a vacant lot in Pitcairn Borough through the Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program? (Click Here)


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Questions about  Flood Maps and Flood Insurance?  (Click Here)

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A Brief History

The Borough of Pitcairn is named for Robert Pitcairn, a former superintendent of the Pittsburgh division of the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1880, Pitcairn ordered construction of a rail yard along Turtle Creek near Pittsburgh that would become the largest railyard in the world. He was instrumental in locating switching yards, an engine roundhouse and car repair shops in the yard.  With the expansion of the railyards, several plans of lots were laid out to accommodate railroad workers. As the village grew and with the residents desire to form their own community, in 1894 the Borough of Pitcairn was born. During World War II, more then 200 trains steamed through the huge Pitcairn railyards each day, carrying troops, supplies and material critical to the war effort.  In 1996 the 250 acre sight formerly occupied by the Pitcairn railyards was formally dedicated as the Conrail Pittsburgh Intermodal Facility. The Pitcairn site now handles more than 100 trains daily. At one time, the largest rail facility in the world, it is now Norfolk Southern's hub for intermodal transit in Western Pennsylvania. 

  Robert Pitcairn
The Borough of Pitcairn Historical Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1999. The purpose of the Society is the historical preservation of objects, buildings, sites, and information of a historical nature within Pitcairn; to stimulate interest in history/genealogy and the preservation of historical sites, to compile and disseminate information; to preserve documents; and, to cooperate with other organizations of like interest.

The Pitcairn Historical Society meets on the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the old St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Center Ave. in Pitcairn. New members are always welcome. The Society is also interested in receiving donations of memorabilia, such as old pictures, documents, written memories of residents, etc.

We are looking forward to facilitate planning and preservation to improve Pitcairn Borough. We welcome Pitcairn residents to join us in this effort. Our history is our future! Preserving our historic sites will also preserve the character of our town, showcasing its contributions to Western Pennsylvania.

To explore Pitcairn's history is to experience the beginning of our country. Join us and help document the Pitcairn story for future generations to learn from and to claim the pride that comes from knowing about the place where you live.